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Stop by for a new Unreality every day starting January 29, 2001 !

January 23, 2001
So far the response to what I've got here has been pretty good, and there have been way more hits than I expected already - and Unreality hasn't even officially opened!
Speaking of which, Unreality's been listed in a couple of major directories now, including HumorLinks and BigPanda. Hopefully I can climb the charts at BigPanda, I think I have what it takes.
Also, the forums are up! Go check it out and give me your feedback! I've been thinking about maybe uploading a new sample strip (which will actually be repeated later) tomorrow for you guys, I'll think about it. Maybe if you guys can persuade me at the forums... ^_^

January 22, 2001
Okay, I've finished (or at least started) the other sections of the site. The links and archives sections are done, the characters page's design has been fixed, and a temporary page has been put up for the other stuff page. Let me know what you think!
I drew and uploaded a sample strip today to give you a taste of what Unreality will be like. I think this is one of the best ones I've inked so far, as I'm working on line variation and thickness and I think it's starting to pay off. Hopefully as the comic goes on you will see some improvement in my inking skills.
Today I'm going to work on publicizing the site and getting it listed in lots of directories. I realized that I've been trying to publicize mostly to the cartoon community, and that I should expand and try to get hits from other directories too. Have any ideas? E-Mail me! I'll also be working on finishing other areas of the site and polishing the design some more. Stay tuned for more updates!

January 21, 2001
I've got the site up at Keenspace now, and I've been building up some hype at lots of bulletin boards, posting the message above. While everyone's been scratching their heads over the message, I've been working away on the character page, with bios of all the characters that will be in the strip.
MikeP wrote an awesome little poem in response to my message over at the BlamBot Fonts message board, I hope he doesn't mind me puttin' it here:

I saw your message,
And I just gasped.
Unreality's developing
Just like a photograph.

It'll be here soon
In nine days coming.
It's getting close
Like a slow train coming.

I'll let you ponder that a while.

All text, images, and HTML 2001 Chris King.

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