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Ten is the artist of the strip, so whatever he says goes. If someone's being mean to him, he can just erase them. If he wants an Intensor chair, he draws it in. Life's good as the cartoonist.
In his spare time he will always be found drawing or playing videogames. Or when it's nice outside, he goes Rollerblading. A lot. But that probably won't happen in the strip, since I... err... he can't think of any way that could be funny. He also likes to play street hockey, until someone bleeds all over themselves or gets a tooth knocked out. But that's part of the fun right? He has a very sarcastic sense of humor that makes you want to punch him.

George is one of Ten's closest friends. She teases him and makes fun of him a lot, but deep down she (hopefully) thinks he's pretty cool. She's quickly climbing the corporate ladder at a restaurant named Hot Diggity Dog. Well not in real life. In real life, she punched Ten when she found out she was a hot dog vendor in the strip.
George is hopelessly addicted to Turbo 21 to the point that Ten thinks she needs to seek help. And yes, she is a girl, no, George isn't her real name but yes, that's what I err... Ten calls her.

Tom loves hockey. He plays hockey a lot. Or he did, until he fell and bled all over his jeans. That was gross.
Just about all he does is homework; he gripes about it all the time and exaggerates a whole lot about the amount he has. He always says he'll do it when he gets home but falls asleep instead. He has spiky hair but Ten had it first, by three hours. Yes, Ten has spiky hair too, but not in the strip. Who knows why? Tom also tries unceasingly to get Ten to lift weights with him. Ten always thinks of an excuse.

Nikki is really skinny. But don't worry - I witness her eat lunch almost every day. She actually spent a long time trying to convince Ten to give her pink hair in the strip, but it's in black and white anyway... Sorry Nikki!
Nikki can also sing. Really well. She's in several choirs at school, and she's really good at what she does.

No one really likes Lance much, and most people don't even know who he is. He's home schooled, so he really doesn't have any friends other than Tom and I think some other guy. He's pretty strong and could probably beat up Ten for writing this, if he could figure out which way was south to get to Ten's house. His alter ego is Uncle Lance, the local gum lord.